Saturday, 2 April 2011

My first post

It has been 20 months since my second son was born. He was a wonderful surprise - a little miracle that we were hoping and planning for, but after struggling to conceive our first son, it was a true shocker to get preggers on our first attempt the second time around! And so, 20 months ago, life changed, for the second time, but in a much bigger way, at least for me. Keeping organized and on top of things has been MUCH more of a challenge. And so I spend alot of my time trying to figure out how to better organize and manage our home and our life to stay... well, sane.

I subscribe to alot of blogs - for parenting/mom tips, home reno tips, cooking (and batch cooking!), local events, work topics... the list goes on. All to say, I am constantly on the lookout for other great ideas, on a wide array of topics.

So what do I think that I can add to the blogosphere? I am hoping that I can share some of the things that I am doing as a working mom, in a bursting house, to keep all the ball in the air. I plan to blog on household organization, clutter, and cleaning, on juggling schedules, and on trying to eat healthier and live more naturally while being on the run. I hope that some of my ideas will be helpful to some of you out there!

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