Tuesday, 12 July 2011

My Pin Board

So I *just* discovered pinterest a couple of weeks back -- what a fabulous tool, I am a huge fan!! I was really just waiting for an easy to use service to come along and help me organize all of my design ideas, kids stuff, and other cool randomness that I run into through my online browsing, which I admit, I do a fair bit of!

Mostly I'm pinning ideas for our cottage right now, as we are chipping away at little (or big) projects up there right now - but this is my favourite pin so far - it is going up on my cottage wall!

Source: At Home with Kim Vallee

Summer is definitely here in full force and we are reveling in it and escaping up to the cottage as much as possible. The week can therefore be a bit of a doozy - such as this week, as I scramble to pull together my son's birthday festivities! (Which I've also been using pinterest for - I've pinned a few cute cookie monsters up there too!). However, I have decided that moving forward, my darling husband will be responsible for the birthday gift shopping for the boys, and I will stick to the party planning, which is much more my forte, hehe!

Anyways, here is my Pinterest board, which will continue to grow, and hopefully soon I'll be able to add some pics of the work that these pins have inspired!