Friday, 12 August 2011

the Murphy Bed

So I admit, this is wayyyy old news at our house. But it was one of our major purchases in our 'sleep investment' this year, and a bit part of our house re-org. Thus, I think it is still worthy of a mention here.

We live in a 3+ bedroom house. It is comfy, a decent size, but by no means big. Especially when you have a 2yr old that has a set of lungs!! So this winter, we decided that we needed to take action, and fast, if we wanted to continue to function at all. Our three bedrooms are all tucked in very nice and tightly beside each other, so we figured we needed to put a bed in our basement, without sacrificing space (back to the size comment). We had fairly recently purchased a couch for down there, so a pull out was really out of the question. So, I started to explore the murphy bed option.

When I first shared with my friends that we were going to get a murphy bed installed, I must admit I got several odd looks. It seems that 'murphy bed' has a bit of a hangover from its past, where it perhaps was not the most elegantly designed piece of furniture in the house. Let me put those perceptions to rest. I  scoured the net and came up with many great options. Murphy beds today can look like part of your wall cabinetry - sleek and unnoticeable.

I narrowed it down to a fairly specific design (if you haven't heard of I highly recommend it) that would be built into our wall and shopped it around town. I landed on a version from the Guest Room which has recently opened in Westboro. And, well, below I share the before and after pics:

Before: I really was not a fan of these cabinets. Practical but ugly.

After! Few finishing touches still required here but overall this is the look. Much more modern! 

And the best part? The bed is super comfortable! We've used it for nights we know are going to be rough with the kids, or if one of us has to travel early the next morning, and of course for guests too. It was money well spent!

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